Our Work


We bring hope and opportunity to people in need in the developing world using sustainable economic and community development initiatives designed to empower individuals and transform communities.

At this time we are focused on the war-torn nation of Afghanistan. The need is overwhelming but we are committed to seeing progress in Afghanistan before branching out into other nations. We currently operate projects in the following locations:

  • Kabul – Institute for Leadership Development, Kabul University Health Clinic, New Life Addiction Recovery, Residency Training Program for Afghan doctors, Sitara (small business for women)
  • Tangi Saidan – Community Center, Medical Clinic
  • Lalandar – Medical Clinic
  • Mazar – Institute for Leadership Development, Nurse Training
  • Herat – Birth Life Saving Skills (BLiSS), Institute for Leadership Development

Our Strategic Objectives:

  • To assist the people of Afghanistan to rebuild their communities and lives through economic and community development initiatives.
  • To establish and implement a model of sustainable development that is readily transferable to other under-developed, least reached nations of the world.
  • To serve as a global catalyst to mobilize a broad spectrum of resources to achieve transformational development in such nations, beginning in Afghanistan.
  • To develop the institutional capacity necessary to accomplish our strategic objectives in pursuit of Morning Star's broader vision and mission.