Offering Hope, Opportunity, and Transformation



Equipping post-graduates with the leadership skills they will need to transform their nation, communities and families.

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“It’s what I saw inside of you that inspired me to change my thinking and my practices.”

– Asif



Giving Afghanistan a workable model for improving the nation’s healthcare delivery system – by training the next generation of family care practitioners.

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“One well trained family doctor does the work of three medical specialists.”

– World Health Organization



Providing rural Afghanistan with the educational, medical, and business tools they need to thrive.

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“I am so happy my children will have it better than I did when I was their age. Many thanks to Morning Star!”

– Mariam



Serving displaced Afghan people in Afghanistan, India, and here in the U.S. with emergency relief, education, and the skills necessary for integration.

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“I can’t imagine my life without your help!”

– Aquila


“This is the first time I’ve been to school in the last five years” – Zaki, Afghan Student

Zaki’s story is not so uncommon. There are approximately 50,000 Afghans residing in just one of India’s major cities. Six thousand of them are high school aged youth.

Bridges Academy is a GED-based high school for Afghans living in India. In addition to academics, they are also mentored in character building and servant leadership training. Of the 40 students currently in the school, many say that their favorite class is what we call “Thought for the Day.” This is an inspirational time of sharing stories and proverbs to encourage character growth and moral formation.

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