White Paper Summary


Morning Star Development (MSDEV) has demonstrated itself to be a highly effective, cutting edge NGO building institutional, governmental, economic and leadership capacity in Afghanistan. MSDEV has established proven relationships with key Afghan officials that have been tempered by the adversity common in a recovering state. These relationships enable MSDEV to conceptualize, strategize, communicate and implement initiatives with favor, impact and sustainable success.

Established in 2002, MSDEV is a United States based 501(c)3 corporation registered as an NGO in Afghanistan. Founder and President Emeritus Daniel Batchelder has used his background in business and natural resource management, and his eighteen years of Afghan cultural experience to provide the expertise and cross-cultural skills needed to spur development. This has been expressed in progress towards a civil society and influencing governmental bodies to rule justly, promote economic freedoms and invest in its people.

Working through strategic partnerships, MSDEV's successful initiatives include (1) Community Centers for rural Afghanistan, (2) the Institutes for Leadership Development, (3) several medical clinics and a residency training program for Afghan doctors, and (4) $2.5 million in completed entrepreneurial sewing contracts, training and employing over 800 women. Recently the Tangi Saidan Community Center received Commanders Emergency Response Program (CERP) funds. The coalition military commander recognized the value of MSDEV's coordinated, disciplined and sustainable approach to meaningful engagement of the rural civilian populace.

Although project initiatives are important, MSDEV differentiates itself by focusing on the process used to implement initiatives. MSDEV's impacting relationship-oriented approach builds practical hope and an anticipation of success. MSDEV's processes exponentially increase the power of the ultimate outcome.