Visit Afghanistan


Short-term teams and individuals are essential to the life and health of Morning Star Development. People who visit Afghanistan see the abundant needs and opportunities – challenges that lead some of them to return as long-term workers. Their work in our projects has a measurable impact on the people we serve, and is a great encouragement to our staff.

Currently, our biggest need is for qualified instructors who can come and teach a module (usually about a week) at one of our Institutes for Leadership Development.

Opportunities for short-term visits include:

  • Leadership Training – teach classes at our Institute for Leadership Development, mentor ILD students
  • Heath Care – work alongside our doctors, nurses and mid-wives in our basic clinics and/or train them in health education, including hygiene, water sanitation, birthing, infant care, first-aid, CPR, etc.
  • Education – teach English, literacy, computer training, etc.
  • Office Administration – train or assist our office workers in organization, management and communication skills
  • IT Professionals – assist in our various offices and programs
  • Guidance Counseling – provide counseling for university and graduate level students