Refugee Programs


The UNHCR estimates that the number of people displaced by war has reached a staggering new high. Today there are close to 60 million refugees living in places other than their home. The current flood of migrants is now at a crisis stage – with the greatest number swarming towards Europe.

Right now, 6 million Afghans are living as refugees or immigrants in 44 developed nations of the world. In the U.S. this number is estimated to be as high as 300,000 as reported by the Afghan Embassy in Washington D.C.

Tragically the obstacles they face are almost impossible to overcome without outside assistance. They need help – sometimes just simple things, like a ride to a doctor's appointment, a beginner's class in English, affordable daycare for their children while they are away at work – or are looking for work. Or, in some countries, refugees face more serious issues, like finding opportunities to provide for their families without being enslaved or abused.

Above all, they need a support system – a group of trustworthy friends who will come alongside and share life with them – serving them without asking for anything in return.

We have the opportunity RIGHT NOW to impact what has become a migrant crisis around the world. Morning Star is presently engaged in serving new Afghan arrivals here in the U.S. by providing the assistance they will need to cope long after the government programs have ceased. We are also in the process of launching a new program in India – while looking at Germany, Greece and Turkey as additional locations.

Would you consider giving a generous donation that will help underwrite the funds needed to serve these precious Afghan families? Your partnership will help them in dealing with the significant challenges they face as strangers in a new land.

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