Leadership Development


After decades of war, Afghanistan is confronted with many challenges, not the least of which is training future leaders for what we call the "New Afghanistan."

The Institute for Leadership Development (ILD) uses a curriculum based on proven leadership principles and the concept of servant leadership. The rich heritage of learning and education in the ancient city of Herat near the Iranian border made it a natural choice for the launch of the first Institute.

In Afghanistan today, political, social, economic, and educational infrastructures must be rebuilt. The men and women who will lead in this challenging endeavor need skills, ideas, and new thinking that will enable them to accomplish this task. 

The ILD brings best practices of leadership development from around the world in a one-year program taught by seasoned international instructors who themselves are noted leaders. We challenge young Afghan men and women to consider that their character and competency must be aligned in order for them to be effective leaders for the future of Afghanistan.

We are currently operating ILDs in Herat, Kabul and Mazar with plans to expand to more university cities.

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