Message From the President

For over 20 years, the Morning Star staff have served alongside the people of Afghanistan. We are grateful for the long term relationships we have built with community leaders, tribal elders, along with the men and women in all spheres of life in Afghanistan.

As we move into the next 20 years of service, we continue to listen to those who need Hope the most while strategically reaching our vision of Hope, Opportunity, and Transformation. Although our vision is large, our focus is sharp as we concentrate only on Afghanistan and Afghans around the world. We are in a unique position to help Afghan refugees around the world and their specific families still in Afghanistan. One Afghan father in Kabul told, "Thank you so much for helping my daughter and son-in-law get settled in America. If there is anything you need in Kabul, let us know. We will help you, protect you, and work with you because you have been so kind to my daughter." There is so much opportunity to give Hope to Afghan refugees around the world and even in our home town.

Please contact me if you would like to be a part of this transformation. Thank you to all the supporters who are helping to making an impact.


Lars Peterson
President, Morning Star Development