Impact Partners


Impact Partners are a primary reason Morning Star has enjoyed success in Afghanistan. Their high level of engagement and unique contributions of time, expertise and resources provide the scope of holistic support needed to initiate a shift in the nation's ethos from the chaos of the past towards a new era of hope and freedom.

Morning Star Impact Partners are committed members of our team dedicated to seeing our mission accomplished in Afghanistan. Together, we leverage an expanded skill and resource base that allows us to fund new programs, recruit qualified long-term workers, and supplement our ILD teaching schedules with seasoned guest instructors.

In the words of one of our partners, "The single most critical need in Afghanistan today is leadership. The infinitely complex problems in government, health, education and the economy will only see progress when Afghan leaders can bring creative solutions and build unity in a sparse and divided country. Thank you for your leadership and long term commitment to Afghanistan. Our shared values and vision will hopefully lead us to partner in many more ways in the future. Thanks again for all your team does."

We know of no better way to serve the Afghan people than to inspire them to establish a new paradigm of peace by making the social, spiritual and familial changes required to make it a reality.

If you believe in our vision for a "new Afghanistan" and would like to join us by helping them pave a new way forward, please contact us by clicking here. Or you can contact Lars Peterson directly at (719) 266-8900.

We look forward to hearing from you.