In 1997 a group of Americans, including our founder Daniel Batchelder, became involved in economic and community development initiatives in Afghanistan. Out of those initiatives, Morning Star Development was birthed in 2002. Our work has included developing community centers, rebuilding hospitals, providing relief aid, setting up medical clinics, starting businesses, and establishing schools and Leadership Institutes throughout Afghanistan. We take a strategic approach to our involvement, attempting to engage the majority population where they live in rural Afghanistan with Community Centers and at the same time helping to prepare the next generation of leaders at our Institutes for Leadership Development. We are encouraged by the progress we see on both fronts.


  • Morning Star Development is established as an NGO
  • Authorized by Afghan Ministry of Public Health (MOH), to open a medical clinic in Tangi Saidan


  • Formed the first Institute For Leadership Development (ILD) with the University of Herat


  • Established first Community Center in Tangi Saidan
  • Launched first medical clinic in Jegdelak


  • Began first FM radio broadcasting in Tangi Saidan
  • Provided literacy training to over 500 Women


  • Delivered 267 babies and provided medical care for over 1,000 women
  • Established a Residency Training Program for Afghan doctors
  • Established a new ILD in Kabul in partnership with another organization


  • Launched a new ILD in Faizabad
  • Helped establish a new Comprehensive Health Clinic (CHC) in Murad Khane, Kabul


  • Established a new Educational Training Center in Jalalabad
  • Graduated more than 100 students through our ILDs


  • Launched the Bliss program (birth life saving skills) for rural villages in Herat Province
  • Added 14 new field staff working and living in Afghanistan
  • Hosted a doctoral research project that highlighted the remarkable socio-economic impact of our Community Centers


  • Opened a new campus counseling center that serves 25,000 students and faculty at Kabul University
  • Our BLiSS Program trained 800 men and women from 16 villages representing a population of 30,000 with the basic skills needed for success before and after birth
  • Relaunched the Institute for Leadership Development (ILD) in Kabul


  • Equipped 345 Afghan professionals through our ILD programs with knowledge, skills, and personal character development needed to succeed as leaders
  • Launched a refugee assistance program in the US that provides practical help and guidance in the resettlement process for Afghans


  • Launched a refugee program in New Delhi, India to provide affordable education to Afghan teenagers who otherwise would have little to no educational opportunities
  • Initiated New Life Addiction Recovery program in Kabul


  • Launched a new ILD in Mazar-e-Sharif
  • Re-launched the medical residency program Hope Family Medicine Afghanistan


  • Initiated leadership seminars in Bamyan, Afghanistan
  • Expanded the Health Clinic at the local university
  • Expanded our US refugee program to a new city in the USA
  • Leadership training for professors on the Afghanistan university campus


  • Started LaBBS (Literacy and Basic Business Skills for Women)