Elevating Women


Much has been written about the plight of women in Afghanistan. From being restricted in their movement outside the home, to having traditional limits on their education, to not having access to medical staff for pregnancies and births, women have a difficult life in most regions of Afghanistan. However, throughout the developing world, empowering women and girls has been shown to be a vital step in promoting stability, increasing economic growth and improving standards of life for whole communities. Morning Star Development is seeking partners to help us increase our capacity to empower women and girls throughout Afghanistan.

Currently, we operate a number of projects focused specifically on women and girls such as leadership training, literacy, teacher training courses and English lessons. Much of the medical effort in our rural clinics is directed toward the health of women and children. MSDEV medical staff train local women on the importance of hygiene, clean water, and potential medical problems for their children. Midwives assist women giving birth at our birthing centers in a safe and sterile environment.

Morning Star is working to support momentum toward a New Afghanistan where women regain a respected position in society, and where women's contributions are valued. Please consider helping us expand opportunities for Afghan women.