Firing up the "economic engine" of Business Development is the best way to stimulate the emerging economy in Afghanistan.

One of the poorest countries in the world, Afghanistan is struggling but determined to rebuild an economy ravaged during decades of war. While world governments and financial planners strategize to return the country to the global marketplace, Morning Star Development's immediate focus is on restoring the dignity and the ability of the individual wage earner to provide for his or her family through the creation of jobs. To that end Morning Star employs more than 130 Afghans in our various projects.

In Kabul, the capital city of three million, unemployment rates are above 30% – and even higher in rural areas. Although solid rebuilding will take years, business development is a driving force in both short and long term economic growth. A large percentage of Afghanistan's female population are widows, many with families to support. Business development opportunities offer them both employment and hope.

Morning Star sponsored a tailoring project which at its peak provided 800 women with livable wages. Given sewing machines and training, widows were first hired to make quilts for refugees. This led to substantial contracts to produce military uniforms, fleece jackets, women's designer clothing and medical uniforms, as well as skilled needlework and beading. Training programs were provided for women to learn additional sewing skills. Once successful, the program was turned over to Afghan leadership.

Morning Star Development's business projects create both opportunity and meaningful employment to help Afghans rebuild their lives and communities.