The majority of Afghan families live in rural villages. Recovering from the ravages of war, farmers struggle to produce 30% of the nation's food supply. Historically, Afghanistan was a food self-sufficient nation and an exporter of raisins and nuts. Under the Soviet occupation and the Taliban rule, many farmers were forced to abandon homesteads that had been in their families for generations. Wars destroyed irrigation systems, and fields are still being cleared of land mines. Drought and deforestation have taken a heavy toll on the land.

Morning Star is assisting many of those displaced families who are returning to their land. Initiatives include drilling wells, planting fruit trees, and distributing vegetable and flower seeds for family gardens. Morning Star has consulted in a national effort to grow soybeans in order to add protein to the flour used in the traditional Afghan bread (Nan). Agricultural demonstration plots and classes in modern farming techniques are part of our Community Center model.